People Management

What is a people person?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a people person is someone who is friendly and likes to meet and talk to people. People with this trait tend to have rapid career development. They tend to be promoted more quickly at work, lead a more active social life, and are generally happier.

People Management Skills Type





Coordinating skills are of course very important. We need to know the progress that is happening, what things have been done, what tasks need to be done in the future, who can do the list of tasks that have been given, and what are the obstacles for each member. If a team member needs help, we must be ready to help. So what if we can’t help?

Directing and Oversight

Directing is when we can direct each member and provide explanations regarding things to do. Apart from giving orders, we are the key to decision-making. In making a decision, it must be remembered that there are many internal and external factors that need to be considered and what effect they have on everything that is going on at that time.

What is People Management?

People Management is an activity where someone implements their management skills on other people. When we act as people managers, we must know the needs of members and what must be given so that they can do and complete their tasks.

Why do we need People Management?

People Management is usually carried out by a leader. When someone leads something, of course, the responsibility that is carried is very large. His contribution will have an impact on the company. If the contribution of the leader is very good, then the outcome is also good and has an impact on the quality of the company. However, if people management is carried out poorly, it will have an impact on poor staff performance as well. Of course, this will have an impact on the quality of the company.

People Management in my Software Engineering Team

What was discussed at the meeting?

The meeting we held was given the term “Daily Standup”. The things discussed are related to the progress made by each member, future plans, and obstacles that occur to members. Through this Daily Standup, we as a team can keep on track and can develop strategies to complete tasks more efficiently. As already explained, in the daily standup there is also an update for each member regarding the obstacles they are experiencing. By knowing the obstacles of each member, we can quickly help so that the task can be completed properly.




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