People Management

Widyanto H Nugroho
7 min readApr 11, 2022


Do you have friends who are friendly all the time, like to socialize, and continue to participate in whatever events are going on? If so, he is a people person. Then, what is a people person?

What is a people person?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a people person is someone who is friendly and likes to meet and talk to people. People with this trait tend to have rapid career development. They tend to be promoted more quickly at work, lead a more active social life, and are generally happier.

People Management Skills Type


Aspiring managers should volunteer to help their current supervisors with phases of departmental planning in order to hone their skills.

Everyone certainly has their own skills and can be different from one another. Regarding planning skills, not everyone has the opportunity to plan a company policy or strategy. Apart from planning in the form of creating a company policy, there are many other types of planning. Planning is carried out to achieve the specified goals. Someone who has good planning skills can take into account risks, timelines, and task lists, and arrange them in such a way that the goals that have been set can be achieved.

It is not uncommon for a planner to quickly adapt to a previously made plan. In addition to planning adaptation, a planner must also be able to quickly adapt to technical matters, for example in learning new tools related to planning, namely Jira.


Organization is about planning and foresight, and it requires an ability to comprehend the big picture.

Organizing is an activity to form a structure and arrange the tasks that need to be done in order to achieve the goals that have been set. When the planning has been completed, this skill is needed to determine the task list, list of people who are working on it, and arrange it so that each task can be synchronized so that the existing goals are realized optimally.

A person who has organizing skills must be able to identify processes, procedures, or activities that occur so that improvements can be made to the existing system. Improvements are made so that the goals/goals can be implemented with better quality and shorter time and more efficient work.


Effective leaders often lead by example as much as by direction. Motivating others to action and productivity is a crucial element of effective leadership

With an organized plan, it takes someone to lead and direct each member of the team. A good leader must be able to hear all the suggestions and inputs given by his members and take into account the effects and their relationship to the ongoing process.

A leader must be able to communicate well and instill values that will make team goals achieved. When the team works with the same goal in mind, then conflicts will occur less and less. In addition, the leader must be able to provide motivation and be an example so that the team is inspired to do their job better. If all members give their best performance, of course, the goals will be achieved optimally and with a good process as well.


Coordinating skills are of course very important. We need to know the progress that is happening, what things have been done, what tasks need to be done in the future, who can do the list of tasks that have been given, and what are the obstacles for each member. If a team member needs help, we must be ready to help. So what if we can’t help?

By knowing the expertise of each member, then we can direct that person to someone who is more skilled, of course, a human can’t do everything right.

After keeping on track of these things, the team can work and coordinate with each other better. Coordination does not only occur within the internal team, but also externally with other divisions or clients, so it needs to be emphasized again that good communication and negotiation skills are also important and essential.

Directing and Oversight

Directing is when we can direct each member and provide explanations regarding things to do. Apart from giving orders, we are the key to decision-making. In making a decision, it must be remembered that there are many internal and external factors that need to be considered and what effect they have on everything that is going on at that time.

When giving a decision, the highlight is not whether the decision is correct or not. Here the important point is the responsibility of the decision-maker for what happens after the decision is made. It’s good if the results are good, but if the results are not satisfactory then we have to look for alternatives and solutions so that goals can be achieved in the future.

What is People Management?

People Management is an activity where someone implements their management skills on other people. When we act as people managers, we must know the needs of members and what must be given so that they can do and complete their tasks.

Apart from this, people managing is also carried out to form heart-to-heart connections with members. By caring for each other, a comfortable work environment will be formed so that everyone can work in a good mood and will have a good impact on product quality or goal achievement.

People Management includes formal and procedural activities such as hiring, training, evaluating, motivating, and disciplining.

Why do we need People Management?

People Management is usually carried out by a leader. When someone leads something, of course, the responsibility that is carried is very large. His contribution will have an impact on the company. If the contribution of the leader is very good, then the outcome is also good and has an impact on the quality of the company. However, if people management is carried out poorly, it will have an impact on poor staff performance as well. Of course, this will have an impact on the quality of the company.

Bad people management can reduce team productivity so it takes a longer time to do a task. The environment that was formed was also uncomfortable and the team did not carry out their duties optimally. The given task is usually seen as a burden, even though it should be seen as an opportunity to develop oneself.

Good people management will have the opposite effect. Team productivity will increase so that the time needed to do tasks and achieve goals can be shorter. There will be a lot of room for improvement rather than being stuck with unfinished work. Good people management also makes the work atmosphere more comfortable. With a comfortable work environment, each member can feel comfortable and can develop their own strategies to develop themselves.

People Management in my Software Engineering Team

In my opinion, we as a group have implemented Good People Management. Starting with myself, I was given the task of becoming a Scrum Master. The person in this position has the responsibility of chairing the meeting.

What was discussed at the meeting?

The meeting we held was given the term “Daily Standup”. The things discussed are related to the progress made by each member, future plans, and obstacles that occur to members. Through this Daily Standup, we as a team can keep on track and can develop strategies to complete tasks more efficiently. As already explained, in the daily standup there is also an update for each member regarding the obstacles they are experiencing. By knowing the obstacles of each member, we can quickly help so that the task can be completed properly.

So far, our daily standup is very exciting. Of course, this is thanks to the Good People Management that occurred so that a good and comfortable work environment can be realized. We can easily give opinions, formulate solutions, and voice concerns about the plans that are being made. Each member tends to be active so that the Product Owner can plan better because it has been assisted by suggestions from other members.

During the meeting, many also joked and laughed with each other. Daily Standup is not considered a burden, but a means to meet and communicate. Even though we joke a lot but still we know when to joke and be serious so it proves that achieving goals is the main thing and we all care about that. I personally feel that every task given to me to form this “Paytungan” product will not be difficult because there are team members who are supportive and always ready to help when I have difficulties.